We create AI solutions that drive business growth.

Straia helps organizations rapidly adopt AI through solutions that have real business impact.

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is the potential increase in productivity at work linked to the use of AI.
of business processes will be automated by AI by 2025.
of employees perform better with AI
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of AI leaders rate AI as important to their organization’s business strategy in the next 12 months.

Forrester study

of finance leaders are projecting higher AI budgets in the coming year, with none planning a reduction.

Gartner study

is the potential employee productivity boost linked to AI use.

PwC study
Employee training
Make your employees on average 40% more productive thanks to their mastery of AI tools.

We are experts in AI transformation

AI Consulting & Planning
Explore the art of the possible, evaluate and prioritize high-value use cases, and develop a strategic roadmap tailored to your goals.
AI Automation
We review your processes and help you automate them with AI, significantly reducing manual work across your company.
Custom AI Applications
We build AI applications for processes that can’t be completely automated to improve the quality and speed of human work.
Employee training
Make your employees on average 40% more productive thanks to their mastery of AI tools.

1,000+ hours of work have already been saved by our  AI automations & custom applications

Lead qualification & scoring
Sales meeting summaries
Autopilot CRM filling & updating
Automated email outreach
Sales process automation
Content creation for sales materials
Content generation & optimization
Brand reputation monitoring
Market research & analysis
Personalized marketing campaigns
Sentiment analysis
SEO optimization
Automated data entry & processing
Expense management
Financial reporting
Expense management automation
Financial planning simulations
Wealth management optimization
FAQ automation
Support analytics processing
Customer behavior analysis
Automated email responses
Chatbots for instant support
Sentiment analysis
Resume screening
HR reporting & analytics
Candidate ranking
Talent pool analysis
Performance review analysis
Employee training GPT
Data classification
Incident response automation
Automated document processing
Data quality management
Documentation generation
Internal data search


Because AI is better when complemented by humans, we conduct workshops and train your employees to make the best use of AI.

Solutions that meet your requirements

Because every business needs solutions that take their needs and constraints into account, here are some of our commitments.
Each solution is designed with the confidentiality of your sensitive data at the core.
Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all but are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.
Our solutions are designed to comply with relevant laws and regulations like GDPR.

Fully integrated into your tools

We integrate our solutions directly into the tools you already use every day.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer any maintenance?

Indeed, we offer monitoring and maintenance of your AI systems, so that the results are consistent or even gain in accuracy over time.

How much does it cost?

It largely depends on the workload and the technical nature of the solutions developed, but we're generally much more affordable than the big tech agencies, while being more specialized.

Are there any additional costs?

This is possible, for example, if you have to pay for the use of certain AI models, their hosting or other tools required for the AI solution.

How long does it take to realize a project?

This depends on the size and complexity of the solution, but generally speaking, much faster than an agency.

Will you help set-up and organize our data?

We'll help you organize and structure your data so that it can be put to the best possible use by AI. We'll also ensure that the output is just as structured and usable by all your current tools.

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